Tailors mannequin a Work in progress (Karapancev, Zoran © Karapancev, Zoran; All Rights Reserved.)
Tailors mannequin a Work in progress
Photographer: Karapancev, Zoran
© Karapancev, Zoran;
All Rights Reserved.


At, 3 key words summarise entirely our vision: specialised, personalised and affordable.


Coming to Canada is not just about "filling the required forms". In fact, while the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Citizenship Act and their respective regulations are quite complex and change frequently according to the current government's needs, applying for Canadian temporary resident status, permanent resident status or citizenship may be complicated and confusing. Thanks to our fascinating History and our 10+ years of experience in the domain, our Team offers valuable information, custom-made advice and specific guidance throughout the whole process at a fraction of the price.

We, at, grant confidential, competent and tailored services based on latest laws and regulations. Whether you apply for a visitor, student, worker or permanent resident visa, or you’re aiming at becoming a Canadian citizen, our role is to ensure that you are successfully considered one of the best candidates and that you are granted the visa or the status you ought to have at the end of the entire process.


We, at, are fully dedicated to provide outstanding personalised services to make sure we acquire our clients' trust and satisfaction. Our clients are not just bar codes or merely a paper file in the archives; each case is unique and special, and we are perfectly aware that to some extent, our clients’ future lies into our hands.

We will ensure personal attention to your case and prompt responses to all of your questions. After we wrote to each other, talked over Skype or even met face to face, our firm will prepare your file to ensure compliance with Canada’s immigration and citizenship laws and regulations.

All the way, we strive to provide each client with successful results by considering all appropriate, creative options. We thoroughly study and prepare each file carefully so it can be presented to the immigration and citizenship authorities in a way that best shows the merits of the candidate. Our professionalism and diligence will make possible your successful journey to Canada, be it for a short business trip or for the rest of your life.


While some obscure firms charge their clients exorbitant fees for a generic and anonymous service, we, at, do take the time to deeply analyse each aspect of your case and diligently verify or prepare your file at flat fees anywhere between 25% and 90% cheaper than those of our main competitors. That means no more hourly billing*, thus no more stress caused by unknown ever-growing final bills; that also means hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. As a matter of fact, we literally challenge you to find a firm that will provide the same standards of quality and personalised service as ours, but at a cheaper price. We thoroughly screened the market and we know there aren’t any, and that’s why unlike 99% of our competitors we are not afraid of posting our Price list on our Web site.

In brief, there are a variety of categories under which you may qualify to immigrate, work or study in Canada. However it is important to find the one that best suits your profile. It takes only a few clicks to fill in the Assessment form available on our Web site. Proceed without delay; have a look at Our Services and select one of our flat fee Solution packages, so we can help you shape up your choices to come to Canada... and by choosing us, we promise you’ll remain with much more than pocket change!

You have a dream? Make it happen with!

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* Unless explicitly specified or requested by the client.

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The dome of Marché Bonsecours (le photographe masqué © le photographe masqué. Cr: All Rights Reserved.)
The dome of Marché Bonsecours (Le dôme du Marché Bonsecours)
Photographer: le photographe masqué
© le photographe masqué
All Rights Reserved.
Celebration of Light fireworks festival in English Bay, Vancouver (King, Joseph S © King, J S; Tourism BC. All Rights Reserved.)
Celebration of Light fireworks
festival in English Bay, Vancouver
Photographer: King, Joseph S
© King, Joseph S; Tourism BC
Partner organisation: Tourism BC
All Rights Reserved.
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal (Poulin, Stéphan © Poulin, Stéphan; Tourisme Montréal. All Rights Reserved.)

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
Photographer: Poulin, Stéphan
© Poulin, Stéphan; Tourisme Montréal
Partner organisation: Tourisme Montréal
All Rights Reserved.
Montreal architecture (St-Jacques, Pierre © Canadian Tourism Commission; St-Jacques, P. Tourisme Montréal. All Rights Reserved.)
Montreal architecture
Photographer: St-Jacques, Pierre
© Canadian Tourism Commission;
St-Jacques, Pierre
Partner organisation: Tourisme Montréal
All Rights Reserved.
Bonhomme & Snow (Photographer: Unknown © Québec Winter Carnival. Partner org.: Québec Winter Carnival. All Rights Reserved.)
Bonhomme & Snow
Photographer: Unknown
© Québec Winter Carnival
Partner organisation: Québec Winter Carnival
All Rights Reserved.