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1. International mobility

In this globalisation era, workforce mobility rapidly became a key factor of success for most businesses. Aiming at maximizing their flexibility and heightening their efficiency, major businesses widely embraced workforce relocations.

Paradoxically, states maintained and even multiplied in many instances administrative barriers for security reasons, making the plethora of national policies, laws and regulations more and more intimidating every day. Relocations are indeed more common nowadays, but they are also becoming more complex.

We can advise executives about the best strategy to adopt for their business, and we can support their international mobility department with any expatriation or inpatriation operation.

  1. Inpatriation

Your employees are working harder, but your company is standing still? Are you sure you have the right employees in place? Did you ever ask yourself if some highly trained and experienced foreign staff could provide the wits and leadership shakeup your company needs? Or perhaps you already have someone in mind – a gifted 3D artist, a speedy right winger or a veteran oil driller – to complete your dream team or manage some key projects?

For each category of applicant corresponds a specific type of official document: permits, visas, certificates, etc. All these partially intertwined categories make the visa/immigration and citizenship world vast and intricate, and most applicants – be it individuals or employers – get disillusioned quite quickly when they realise the huge amount of paperwork required. Trust us: you don’t want your future top notch employees to worry about the procedures, and you definitely don’t want to train one of your HR staff to take care of this Pandora box. offers a wide range of professional services corresponding to each of these categories*, including:

  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Labour market opinion
  • Permanent resident visa
  • Arranged employment opinion
  • Canadian citizenship

Whether you're looking for quick procedural clarifications to bring in some summer workers from Mexico or A to Z turnkey solutions to bring a whole movie cast from France for your movie production, can help your business grow and reach the next level on your “to become” list.

  1. Expatriation

Your overseas branches failed to achieve forecasts for the 4th consecutive quarter? You have the impression there is an impassable cultural ditch between your Canadian head office and your most important foreign factory in Southeast Asia? You’re about to open a new AAA production studio in Eastern Europe and you need to set up a brand new team within few months? Perhaps the time has come to assign some trustworthy employees of yours – a brand new team of field engineers, some cross cultural sensitivity advisers or your most flourishing managers – to your critical offices and branches abroad.

The foremost concept in workforce relocation is smoothness. To be successful, all expatriation operations require surgical precision expertise and rigorous planning. Trust us: you don’t want your longtime collaborators to worry about the procedures. With extensive experience in the domain and with offices in Montreal, Canada, and in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania, we are experts in Canadian expatriation.

Each business has its own needs; we’ll design custom-made solutions for yours!

At any time of the process, please feel free to Contact us and ask for more details regarding our Solutions for small and medium businesses.


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* All existing categories of visa/immigration and citizenship services fall under one of these 5 programs: Temporary resident visas, Temporary resident services, Permanent resident visas, Permanent resident services and Canadian citizenship. For more details, please have a look at our services.

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